Over 9% say will never take Covid vaccines


Even as India battles a brutal second wave of the Covid-19, fighting to protect its people from the pandemic and struggling to get vaccinated as early as possible, 9.6 per cent of citizens in a survey revealed they have not taken even a single dose of the vaccine nor will they in future as well.

The IANS-CVoter Covid tracker conducted between January 1 to May 27, in which a total of 56,685 people participated, showed 15.7 per cent have received the first dose of Covid vaccine.

During the same period, around 8 per cent people replied they have received both doses of vaccines.

Out of total participants, 59.5 per cent people replied they haven’t got vaccinated but will get vaccinated.

The survey report suggested that 7.3 per cent people were yet to decide whether to get vaccined or not.