New Delhi, July 28 (IANSlife) Crowdfunding platform Ketto India has managed to raise funds totalling Rs 109 crore during the pandemic to help and support more than 3 lakh people in various capacities.

The platform helps individuals, NGOs, and brands to raise money for medical, social, creative, and personal causes.

Among the campaigns initiated on Ketto was the ever-famous Rambo Circus crew who required funds to sustain themselves. Fashion Designer, Vikram Phadnis had taken a step to help raise funds in feeding the stray dogs in Mumbai. The Indian Women Hockey Team set up a fundraiser to help the migrant families who are in distress. The Dalit community workers’ residing in Dharavi were helped by fashion label, The Chamar Studio. Even the family of a famous Pani Puri vendor in South Mumbai who succumbed to COVID, was support by a fund.

Kunal Kapoor, Bollywood actor and co-founder of, said: “It is gratifying that Ketto is inspiring individuals to raise funds on the platform and some of the causes have been really close to our heart. Campaign such as ‘Milkar for Mumbai’ has ensured food security for the most vulnerable, ‘The Khaki Project’ has supported thbe police force with safety essentials. The Community Kitchen project for migrant workers has also received tremendous love and support from the people”.

Varun Sheth, Co-founder said: “We are hiring aggressively pan India during this pandemic as we have seen a huge growth of individuals and NGOs using our platform to raise funds for their causes, we believe with a larger team, the quality of experience and support will go up tremendously.”

(Puja Gupta can be contacted at [email protected])




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