Overwhelmed with response for my character: Anuj Sachdeva


Actor Anuj Sachdeva is currently seen as Cheeranjeev ‘Cheeru’ Chaudhary in Rajan Shahi’s ‘Woh Toh Hai Albelaa’, a calm, composed, mature guy whom everyone looks up to.

His mother doesn’t get tired of praising him, his father feels proud of him, and his younger brothers call him their security blanket. But this character will soon come to an end as Cheeru meets with an accident on his wedding day and will die.

Anuj said he is happy with the response his character has received, and added: “The most important thing which I always wanted to do is for people to connect to the warmth of Cheeru of how he takes care of the family, how people should be able to connect to him thinking that this is how your elder brother should be. And I think there cannot be a bigger joy for an actor when the audience believes in a character so much and feels that he has raised the bar high for similar characters.”

He further said: “Somewhere the audience felt that they needed an elder brother like Cheeru bhaiya and I wanted to achieve this in my character. So I’m really happy and overwhelmed with the response I have received for this character.”

The young actor agreed that Cheeru’s death is a major twist in the plot and said that he knew he had a very limited time to build a connection with the audience.

“When I started the show I knew this was going to happen and I knew I had only one to one and a half months to build a connection with the audience, so that when I am not there they miss me. And this feeling of loss is one of the high points of the show, and Cheeru’s death is the only major twist that you will see in the whole story. I feel really proud that I got a chance to do such an impactful role. For me, it’s never about the screen time. Cheeru bhaiya is more like dessert, which enhances your taste buds and slowly fades away, however, leaves you wanting for more,” he said.

In the show, Cheeru was in a relationship with Sayuri and were supposed to get married. The audience even gave them a nickname and called them SaChe. Asked if there are any regrets of leaving this love story incomplete, he said: “There are regrets obviously, but not all love stories get a happy ending, some remain incomplete. SaChe’s love story will be immortal.”

So what’s next for you? “I am doing a web series and I have already started shooting for it. I wanted to do something different like Cheeru bhaiya, maybe a person who’s in uniform or like someone who is stern and in authority, which is like my character in the web series that will stream on MX Player,” Anuj concluded.



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