Oxygen supply increased, hospitals to have more Covid beds: Kejriwal


Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Friday directed all government and private hospitals treating Covid patients in the city to add more beds for such patients as oxygen supply has increased.

“Now that Delhi has received oxygen, no one in Delhi should suffer because of shortage of oxygen. All the hospitals in Delhi should increase their beds. District Magistrates have been directed to ensure adequate oxygen beds in their districts so that no deaths happen due to lack of oxygen in Delhi,” he said in a statement.

The Chief Minister’s direction came after reviewing Covid management in the national capital on Friday.

Kejriwal said that hampering of oxygen distribution has to be corrected so that there is no disruption in its supply. “We have to try to prevent oxygen wastage and save as much oxygen as we can. If we can, we should save oxygen and return it to the Central government so that it can be used somewhere else,” he said, as per the statement.

Meanwhile, the Delhi government also informed that as many as 48 oxygen plants to be installed across the national capital which will be capable of producing around 40 tonnes of oxygen. “We have to prepare long-term plans and build the capacity of oxygen storage on a very large scale in Delhi. We should also create a special storage capacity for the storage of oxygen,” Kejriwal added.

Meanwhile, the AAP government has also directed the Covid management team to ensure that all eligible people are vaccinated within the next three months.

“We will be able to stop the third wave of Corona from coming to Delhi, only by being able to administer vaccines to everyone in Delhi as soon as possible in the next three months. We need to recruit retired doctors, nurses, and medical staff on a large scale. Whoever wants to help the society should join the government and contribute to helping in this difficult situation,” he said, as per the statement.