New Delhi, Jan 26 (IANS) A video of a vixen feeding baby Koalas in Australia has gone viral on the social media. Twitter is in love with the beautiful video and are calling it “humanity”.

It all started after a Twitter user Adarsh Hegde @adarshhgd shared the video with the caption: “A Fox allows itself to feed Koala Babies in Australia. In #AustraliaBushfires babies have lost their mothers & many mother animals have lost their little ones. This is a fine example of Humanity (sic.).”

The 30-second video shows a vixen standing calmly in the wild, while a group of baby Koalas taking feed from the lactating mother.

Twitter is in awe of the video and the social media is flooded with their reactions.

A user @DhirRahat wrote: “Let’s call it ‘Animality’ … Humanity has lost its meaning now a days.

“Another Amit Porwal wrote: “Seems animal kingdom is getting more sensible as human race get inclined towards stupidity !!!”

“Funny how animals can get along better than humans…” read one post, on which Sushma Shaw remarked: “They know better how to help each other in need rather than us human.”




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