Painting exhibition in Coimbatore highlights one year of DMK govt


Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K. Stalin on Thursday inaugurated a painting exhibition highlighting the achievements of the DMK government which completed one year in office on May 7.

Other than highlighting the achievements of the government, the exhibition also presents the archeological findings after excavations were carried out at Keeladi, Porunai, Kodumanal and Myladumparai in Coimbatore.

A total of 130 exhibits are being presented at the exhibition on the achievements of the DMK government since it assumed office on May 7, 2021.

The archeological section of the exhibition displays a three-dimensional model of the sites where important discoveries were made.

The Adichanallur section has exhibits that portray the timeline of the excavations, along with maps and photographs of important findings.

The Sivakalai section shows an aerial view of the Sri Moolakarai burial ground and the brick structure found in Korkai.

The Myladumparai section depicts how ancient the site was and its antiquity compared to other important sites in the country. This section also has displays showing the original findings, including the earthenware used in last rites.

Most of the painters who highlighted the achievements of the Stalin government are school students.



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