Pak caps foreign currency carrying limit for outbound travellers

Pakistan’s Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has fixed a limit of $5,000 per visit for all passengers 18 years old and above travelling abroad.

A recent FBR notification showed that the board has also capped the annual limit of foreign currency for outbound passengers to $30,000 or equivalent for the same age group, reports Xinhua news agency.

The limit for people below 18 years old has been fixed at $2,500 per visit and $15,000 annually, according to the FBR.

The limit has been further reduced for travellers to Afghanistan who can carry $1,000 or equivalent foreign currency for one-time travel, and $6,000.

“The annual limits for outbound passengers for the respective countries will be for a calendar year starting from the year 2023. However, for the calendar year 2022, the existing annual limits in vogue before the issuance of this notification will continue to be effective till December 31, 2022,” the notification said.




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