Pak diplomats sweat & look down when they present Talibs to outside world: Af VP

Afghanistans Vice President Amrullah Saleh has hit out at Pakistan for supporting the Taliban, stating that an alliance of Taliban, LeT, Al-Qaeda and madrasa volunteers use the ISI trail to infiltrate.

In a series of tweets, Saleh said, “How the Talibs sustain the war? They sustain it through GHQ/ISI supply trail. An alliance of Talibs, LeT, Al-Qaeda & Madrasa volunteers use the trail to infiltrate. Without this trail, Talibs will lose it in a matter of weeks. ANDS has lost equipment but NOT ammo depots. None.”

Saleh also hit out at the National Security Advisor of Pakistan, Moeed Yusuf.

“The National Security / Insecurity Advisor of Pakistan believes Quetta Shura is elected and the government in Kabul is imposed. No effort by him or his colleagues will wash the stain of Afg blood from the forehead of Pak agencies. GHQ/ISI supply trail to terror must stop,” Saleh said.

Saleh was responding to a tweet by Yusuf on spoilers in Kabul.

“Vitriolic & delusional statements from some spoilers in Kabul who, unfortunately for our Afghan brothers and sisters, are imposed on them as their senior officials & are constantly attempting to vitiate bilateral relations on purpose to deflect attention from their own failures,” Yusuf had said.

Saleh said the Taliban are already a liability for Pakistani diplomats.

“Talibs are already a hard sell & a liability for Pak diplomats of integrity & dignity. Portraying Talibs of 2021 as changed & better is a mission next to impossible. We know that some Pak diplomats sweat & look down when they present Talibs to the outside world. Understandable,” Saleh said.