Pak govt to ‘surprise’ Imran Khan when he reaches Islamabad

Senior PTI leader Fawad Chaudhry says the party plans to keep changing the date on which they will reach Islamabad to tire the government out, the media reported.

“We will give a date to reach Islamabad and then change it. We will tire you out,” Fawad said during a press conference. The politician said that this movement is a “movement of accountability” and “movement to fix the country’s system”, Geo News reported.

He said that Khurram Dastagir should be arrested for putting up banners against Imran Khan. He also demanded that the NA speaker should accept the PTI MNAs’ resignations and hold elections.

“Maryam Nawaz is no more restricted from taking part in the elections. She should contest to find out her popularity,” Fawad said.

Pakistan Federal Minister Javed Latif has shared that the PML-N led government was aware of the planning done by PTI chief Imran Khan around Islamabad, adding that the Centre would give a “surprise” to the former Pakistan prime minister when he reaches Islamabad.

“We are aware from where you are getting funding. We will catch you with a big theft,” said Latif while talking to reporters. He added that mobs will not be allowed a “face saving”.

“If we speak to the mob today then ways will be open for the future as well. Blackmailing will not force the state to hold talks,” said Latif. He added talks are held under the ambit of the Constitution with the national leadership and not with mobs.

“There are not talks happening through backchannel with Imran Khan nor will there be one,” said the minister, Geo News reported.




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