Pak hosts intel chiefs of Russia, China, Iran to discuss Afghan situation

Pakistan hosted a meeting of spymasters of some countries in the region on the situation in Afghanis­tan, a security source said.

There was no official statement on the meeting, but an intelligence source privately confirmed that the session had taken place, Dawn reported.

The meeting was attended by the intelligence heads from Russia, China, Iran and some Central Asian states.

“The hosting of the meeting by Pakistan reflects our sincerity for peace in the region and Afghanistan,” the report said.

It was the latest effort by Pakistan, which had over the past few days hosted meetings of the foreign ministers of the six neighbouring countries of Afghanistan and that of their special envoys, to develop a common regional strategy on dealing with challenges emanating from the events unfolding in the war-ravaged country.

Foreign ministers of Afghan­is­tan’s neighbouring countries earlier in a meeting on Wednesday “agr­eed to remain seized of the developments in Afghanistan and coordinate with each other for a hol­i­stic, comprehensive and harmoni­zed response,” according to a joint statement issued after their meeting.

The regional countries are worried about security situation along their borders with Afghanistan, terrorists using Afghan soil for launching attacks on other countries, spread of extremism, possibility of influx of refugees, drug trafficking and transnational crimes.