Pak Interior Minister again calls for early elections


Pakistan Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed on Friday urged the ‘responsible quarters’ to take the initiative and announce early elections to hold accountable those who ‘sold’ their votes, Express Tribune reported.

While addressing a ceremony held in Rawalpindi to confer upon the Waqar-un-Nisa College the status of a university, the minister added that Sunday would be an important day in Pakistan’s politics.

“Prime Minister Imran Khan will not be defeated by elements who looted the country for decades, and have now united against his government,” he said, adding: “Even if the no-confidence motion is successful on Sunday, everyone is with Imran Khan. Rawalpindi does not like those who sell their votes.”

The minister reiterated that he is standing with the premier like a ‘rock’.

“Imran Khan will fight against these plunderers and looters,” the minister stressed.

Rasheed said he also wanted the Nullah Leh project to be inaugurated, “but I guess people didn’t want that”.

Announcing 264 jobs and Rs 300 million worth of funds for the university, Rasheed said that he did not know where he would be the day after tomorrow, but these jobs are to be given to the daughters of underprivileged families.



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