The police in Pakistan’s Punjab province has resented the federal governments decision to once again go soft on the proscribed Tehreek-i-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) by announcing the release of hundreds of its workers and withdrawing cases against others, Dawn news reported.

Police sources said their personnel sacrificed lives and were wounded while performing duties during violent protests by the TLP, but each time the government reconciled with the group, disregarding how police have been attacked and injured with petrol bombs, clubs and bricks, their vehicles set on fire, weapons and other gear snatched.

This is besides the damage inflicted on public property, the report said.

The law enforcement agency was reacting to Pakistan Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid’s statement that the government had released “350 TLP workers up to now and we are still waiting to open both sides of road of Muridke as per the decision with the TLP”.

The Minister had also promised to review the Fourth Schedule list containing names of the proscribed leaders and activists besides withdrawing all previous cases lodged against them.

A dejected deputy inspector general-rank officer blamed the ruling elite for pushing the police against the wall, and suggested: “The government would have to stand with either the law enforcers or the TLP. Its decision to release hundreds of TLP men under an immediate agreement has ignored the sacrifices policemen rendered and lives they lost during violent agitation of the organisation.”

Since Sunday, the police has registered 40 cases against top leaders, 5,000 Fourth Schedulers and hardcore activists of the TLP under terrorism and multiple other charges.



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