Pakistan’s economic situation changing now: Imran


Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that without the spirit of sacrifice, a nation could not aspire to achieve development as the very human essence had a global significance, adding the economic situation with which the country was confronted, had been changing now.

In a message on the occasion of Eid, the prime minister conveyed his felicitations to the citizens of Pakistan, and the Muslim world, The Nation reported on Wednesday.

The country’s economy was put on the right track and as a result of government’s steps, the economic indicators were showing positive trends, he added.

The prime minister said through different schemes launched by his government, the people were being provided with relief.

The day was not far, he resolved, when Pakistan would be standing equally in the ranks of developed countries and the whole nation would feel pride among the comity of nations.

The prime minister said sacrificing an animal on this holy festival manifested that a person has to sacrifice human desires for the achievement of the highest ideals.

Such a passion generated a quality in humans that would not let them side-track from the right path, he said on Tuesday.

Khan opined that it was the passion which helped the Pakistani nation to save itself from the global coronavirus pandemic with wisdom, national strategy and patience.