Palash Sen’s latest song ‘Kesariya Baalma’ was recorded 17 years ago

Singer Palash Sen has come out with a new romantic number ‘Kesariya Baalma’, which he was written and composed 18 years ago and recorded a year after that.

Band Euphoria’s ‘Kesariya Baalma’ is a love story in the backdrop of Jaisalmer’s balmy afternoons, where Palash is seen wheeling away his ladylove through the city’s dusty roads on an old school Bajaj Chetak as a rustic and hero-esque tour guide – Gulab Singh. Palash has donned the director’s hat once again, with the rest of the band members doubling up as crew.

Starring Mariette Valsan and the singer himself, the unbelievable reincarnation, and the unspoken emotions flowing through the actors is effortlessly built in the video.

He said: “This song was written and composed 18 years back -recorded 17 years back – took me 17 years to conceptualise and release it the way I wanted to. Was written in a moment for that moment. Then 17 years later that moment got shattered. Was it just a dream?”




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