Palestine urges pressure on Israel over polls in E.Jerusalem


Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammed Ishtaye said letter have been addressed to international parties, urging them to exert pressure on Israel for allowing the upcoming Palestinian elections to take place in East Jerusalem.

During an online cabinet meeting on Monday, Ishtaye said the letters were addressed to the UN, the European Union, the US and Russia through the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, reports Xinhua news agency.

“The letters asked the international parties to oblige Israel to abide by the signed agreements and to allow the Palestinians in East Jerusalem to participate in the upcoming legislative elections scheduled on May 22,” he said.

Ishtaye said all the Palestinian factions have a consensus on holding the legislative elections in all the Palestinian territories, including East Jerusalem.

In February, Palestine announced that it officially addressed the Israeli government, requesting it to allow the Palestinians in East Jerusalem to participate in the legislative elections.

On March 30, the Palestinian Central Elections Commission (PCEC) announced that 36 electoral lists have registered for the legislative elections, including the Islamic Hamas movement, left-wing parties, independent figures, youths and women.

In January, President Mahmoud Abbas announced the 2021 general elections will include the legislative elections on May 22, the presidential elections on July 31, and the elections of the Palestinian National Council, the highest decision-making body of the Palestine Liberation Organization, on August 31.

The last presidential elections were held in March 2005, and the legislative polls in January 2006.