Panaji Smart City to use treated waste water for gardening


Setting an example to others, Panaji Smart City Development Ltd has come up with an innovative concept to use treated waste water and save potable water from being used for non-potable purposes.

To take this concept ahead, Goa’s Public Works Department is constructing a sump of 2,000 cubic metre and five tanks, each of 300 cubic metre capacity, to turn Panaji into a ‘Smart City’ by pulling wastewater from Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) for reuse in watering parks, gardens and other green areas. These projects are estimated to cost Rs 10 crore.

Executive Engineer, Works Division-III (PHE) Nivruti Parsekar told IANS that the project will be commissioned by December 2023.

According to Parsekar, about 12 MLD of treated wastewater from STP here is being released into the creek everyday, which will now be pulled into a sump and then transported to five tanks to be constructed in the city.

The project funded by Panaji Smart City Development Ltd, could become the first in India to supply treated wastewater for green spaces.

“With an aim to make available treated wastewater for government agencies and the forest department as an alternative to potable water for various non-potable uses, we are going ahead with this project. This will help to save potable water from being used for non-potable usage,” Parsekar said.

According to the civil engineering fraternity, if prices of this treated waste is fixed for lower rates, then it will also get demand to use at construction sites.

Bhagwan Mahavir Bal Vihar park in Panaji city, maintained by the Forest Department and other gardens are presently using freshwater, which would be later brought in the new system.



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