‘Panchayat’ director Deepak Mishra was a bundle of nerves before show’s debut

Deepak Kumar Mishra, the director of the comedy drama ‘Panchayat’, said that he was a bundle of nerves during the first season of the web series, which debuted in 2019.

Speaking at the trailer launch of the Jeetendra Kumar-starrer show, the director shared during the media interaction, “We were very confident from the start! Nahi nahi bahut dare hue thay (actually to be honest, were really scared). The reason being the show was different from what was going around in the entertainment sector at that time.”

And when the show released to unanimous applause, they were dazed at the response, “We were absolutely flabbergasted with the audience response. Prime Video helped ‘Panchayat’ to the remotest corners of the country. With 2nd season the shoes were pretty big to step into. Across the generations this show has a huge hype and following. So, more than Season 1 we were petrified how Season 2 would click with the audience”, Deepak added.




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