Pandav Nagar murder: ‘He had ill intentions towards my children’, claims accused

Anjan Das had ill intentions towards her children and that is why she killed him, said Poonam, who along with her 25 year-old son Deepak killed her husband Das and then chopped his body into 10 pieces and disposed them of in a drain in East Delhi’s New Ashok Nagar area and at the Ramlila ground in Pandav Nagar.

“My son killed him with a knife,” she said.

The Crime Branch of Delhi Police has arrested 48 year-old Poonam and her son for the killing of Das. Police have also recovered six body pieces, including the skull, and they are searching for the remaining body parts.

Poonam, a resident of Trilokpuri, told police that she came to know that Das was already married and had eight children (seven daughters and one son) from his first wife.

“Das had stopped doing any work and used all her earnings for his expenses. He started stealing her jewellery and cash and sent them to his first wife in Bihar, due to which they had quarrelled many times,” said Ravindra Singh Yadav, Special Commissioner of Police (Crime).

In March-April this year, Poonam also came to know that Das was having an evil eye on her divorced daughter as well as daughter-in-law (Deepak’s wife). She alleged that he even tried to molest and rape them.

“Poonam and Deepak got very frustrated and angry with Das’ lecherous habits. So in April, she along with her son hatched the conspiracy to kill Das,” said Yadav.

“On May 30, they served Das alcohol laced with sleeping pills. Deepak had already arranged a dagger and a knife for killing him and when Das felt dizzy, he seized the opportunity and stabbed him on the neck, chest and abdomen,” said Yadav.

“After killing Das, his bleeding body was kept in the room and the next morning when the blood got drained, they cleaned the room. Then they cut Das’ body into several pieces, kept them in the fridge and later put them in different plastic bags.

Whenever they got the opportunity, they dumped the body parts at the Ramlila ground and near the Ganda Nala in New Ashok Nagar,” said the officer.

After getting rid of the body parts, they cleaned the room and the refrigerator using phenyl and other solutions.

Police said that Poonam got married at the age of 13 to Sukhdev Tiwari, a resident of Aara, Bihar. She had one daughter at the age of 14. However, her husband went to Delhi for work but never came back. In 1997, she along with her daughter came to Delhi and searched for him but could not find him anywhere.

Thereafter, she met Kallu, also a resident of Trilokpuri, and started living with him. They had two daughters and one son, Deepak. Kallu was an alcoholic and did not do any work for a living.

In 2011, she met Das who worked as a lift mechanic and had moved in on the upper floor of her building on rent.

“As Kallu was an alcoholic and did not pay attention to her, she became close to Das and started liking him. In 2016, Kallu died due to liver failure following which she started living with Das,” the officer said.




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