Pandemic WFH: 75% Mumbaikars agonised by bone & joints problems


A staggering 75 per cent of all Mumbaikars, who were compelled to work from home (WFH), suffered from various types of bones/joints health issues, during the past two years of the Covid-19 pandemic, claimed a medical survey released here on Friday.

The survey, conducted by the Fortis Hospitals at Mulund & Kalyan, Hiranandani Hospital, Vashi, and S.L.Raheja Hospital, Mahim — guided by Dr. Kaushal Malhan, Dr. Manish Sontakke and Dr. Siddharth M. Shah — covered 5,005 citizens, comprising 65 per cent women and the rest men, all aged between 31-40 years.

Of these 75 per cent — or three-fourths of the WFH crowds — 8 per cent complained of numbness in arms/legs, 14 per cent had pains in the lower body with difficulties in getting up, 19 per cent experienced stiffening of the legs and lower back while 26 per cent revealed pain or tingling in the neck and shoulders due to constant use of devices.

While 73 per cent did not have a proper WFH set-up at their residences, 56 per cent resorted to multi-tasking like taking care of elders, schooling for kids, managing household chores while doing official duties.

Some 41 per cent of Mumbaikars spent at least 10 hours daily on WFH, 40 per cent juggled 2-4 hours for household/outdoor chores, 14 per cent sacrificed their weekend for these duties, and 18 per cent confessed to being glued to their mobiles when not on the computer.

At least 58 per cent admitted that their abilities to balance official duties and household chores were hampered due to the physical, bone/joint problems, for which 26 per cent blamed their disrupted sleep cycles, 24 per cent to single-handedly managing their official-domestic functions, 17 per cent attributed it to longer work hours or some ill family members, 14 per cent blamed lack of exercise or improper eating and 9 per cent claimed they had no time to consult their doctors.

For their health issues, 42 per cent of Mumbaikars underwent time-sensitive scheduled procedures or emergency surgeries, 26 per cent avoided their operations as they were scared of visiting hospitals, 58 per cent delayed, 18 per cent self-medicated, 15 per cent ignored their pains and only 14 per cent consulted their family physicians.

The orthopaedic surgeons Dr. Shah, Dr. Sontakke and Dr. Malhan appealed to people to maintain a healthy lifestyle with proper eating, workouts, etc., to avoid any deterioration in the future.



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