Panicked due to high death rate, man takes father home from hospital

The rising number of corona patients has triggered panic among people in Delhi. On the one hand, they are unhappy with the hospitals as there are not sufficient beds and on the other those whose relatives are admitted to hospitals are preparing to take them home following the soaring number of deaths.

Vibhash, whose father is admitted in LNJP hospital, was busy writing a letter to the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) sitting at the gate of the hospital.

“My father is infected with the coronavirus and it’s been seven days since I have admitted him here. But there is no improvement in his condition, moreover, it is deteriorating with every passing day,” he said.

He said there is nobody to look after him in the hospital as no one is allowed inside except patients. He has not eaten anything for seven days. Now I want to take him home so that we could at least feed him something and take care of him.

Vibhash said: “People don’t even get details about their patients, what treatment and medicines are being given to them. The hospital has given such a report that I can’t get my father admitted anywhere else.”

Vibhash said: “We saw a dead body being taken out from the hospital every 10 minutes. My father was alone in the ward, he was terrified.”

However, Vibhash later succeeded in taking his father home where he is being taken care of. Also, the family is looking for another hospital to continue his treatment.

There are many people like Vibhash who are praying for the quick recovery of their relatives. Delhi has reported 24,638 new cases and 249 deaths due to the coronavirus in the last 24 hours.