Paoli Dam’s ‘Chhaad The Terrace’ reaches KIFF Kolkata after Europe premiere

Actress Paoli Dam is thrilled to see her realistic-drama film ‘Chhaad The Terrace’ making waves globally and for its premiere at KIFF Kolkata.

Paoli said: “I’m thrilled to see the movie making its way around the world and has already been showcased in Europe and premiered in North America, so it’s great to see it finally reaching its home viewers. Thank you KIFF, Kolkata, for selection and screening the movie.”

‘Chhaad The Terrace’ also stars Arunoday ‘Rahul’ Banerjee and Rajnandini Paul.

The film explores the protagonist, Mitra’s relationship with the terrace and eventually her disillusionment with the terrace. Mitra is perturbed with her marital responsibilities, she is a writer and a school teacher, her identity issues trigger her when she is denied access to the terrace- her open space.

Indrani, the director said: “This is a special moment as my home-town will host the India premiere of Chhaad The Terrace. I would like to extend my gratitude to the National Film Development Corporation for its constant support and making a dream into reality. I am looking forward to connecting my film with audiences and lovers of open spaces.”

Ravinder Bhakar, Managing Director, NFDC India, informed that: “I’m pleased to see the movie picking up momentum in festivals throughout the world. We are happy the film is now with the home country and in the region where it was envisaged. We hope the film entertains its audience once again.”

‘Chhaad- The Terrace’ has been selected at the 28th Kolkata International Film Festival in the Competition Section – Competition on Indian Language’s Films Section and India Premiere of the film is scheduled on 19th December 2022 at Nandan Cinemas in Kolkata. Followed by a screening on 21st December 2022 at Radha Studios in Kolkata.




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