Papon’s music video ‘Shikwa’ stars Malvi Malhotra


Singer Papon’s upcoming music video ‘Shikwa’ stars Malvi Malhotra and Anuj Saini.

The music video of the song has been shot in Manali. Talking about her experience of shooting in the mountains, Malvi said, “We shot it in Manali. It’s a lovely place to be and to shoot. It’s a beautiful sad song. People will relate to this song like never before. It has soothing music and lyrics. The video is heartwarming and I am very excited.”

The music video is directed by Raaj Aashoo and the lyrics are by Sayeed Qadri.

“I hope this song can be the song of the year. It will make people nostalgic and they will think of that one love that we all have in life. I can’t contain my excitement for this one. Love and light to all. Let’s all get vaccinated and prepare against the pandemic,” said Malvi.

The actress is known for her roles in known for films like ‘Hotel Milan’ and ‘Udaan’.

The ‘Shikwa’ music video has been produced by Bullman Records and is likely to release on September 20.