Paralympics: India beat Thailand to reach quarters in mixed team compound archery

India’s Mixed Team of Jyoti Baliyan and Rakesh Kumar defeated Thailand’s Praphaporn Homjanthuek and Anon Aungaphinan 147-141 and advanced to the quarterfinals in the compound archery competitions at the Tokyo Paralympic Games on Sunday.

The Indian pair, which had qualified as the sixth-best with a score of 1370, shot 35 in the first round of four arrows, the same as the Thai opponents. They went behind in the next round as they managed 36 points because of an eight on the first arrow followed by two 9s and a 10. Thailand got 37 with an inner 10 and three 9s as they led 72-71.

The Indians responded with 38 points in the next four arrows, with two Xs and two 9s but Thailand could manage an eight, two 9s, and a 10 for 36, giving India the lead at 109-108.

The Thai pair crumbled in the final four arrows as they could manage only 33 points — three 8s and a nine while the Indians stayed steady and shot 38 — two 10s and two 9s to seal a place in the quarterfinals.

In the quarterfinals later in the day, India will take on Turkey, who got a bye into the last-eight stage.

Meanwhile, Jyoti’s challenge in the women’s individual compound open archery competitions came to an end with a defeat of Ireland’s Kerrie-Lousie Leonard in a 1/16 Elimination round at the Yumenoshima Final Field here on Sunday.

Jyoti, who had qualified 15th with a score of 671, lost to Kerrie-Lousie, who could manage a score of 657 in the ranking round, 137-141 in the 15 arrow elimination round.

Jyoti started with an eight but followed that up with a 10 and nine as she tallied 27 points in the first end. She got a one-point lead as her Irish opponent ended with 26 from two 9s and an eight.

She lost the initiative in the second set of three arrows, a seven after 10 and eight undid her efforts as she earned 25 points while Kerrie-Lousie shot a 29 with two arrows in the inner 10 (X) and one nine to take lead at 55-52.

Jyoti responded with a perfect 30 in the next three arrows, hitting three 10s, Kerrie-Louise shot 29 thanks to a 10, an X, and nine.

The 27-year-old Jyoti managed 29 in the penultimate round while her 30-year-old Irish rival shot a perfect 30 to maintain her upper hand. The Indian could manage only 26 in the fifth and final round of three arrows as Kerrie-Louise shot 27 to seal the victory.