Mumbai, Jan 5 (IANS) Actor Param Singh says he is enjoying playing a “little weird” character in the show “Haiwaan”.

“My character (Randhir Agnihotri) is a scientist. He wants to save his city and save the people of the city from a ‘haiwaan’. And he wants to actually fulfil the dream of his father, who was also a scientist. In doing that, in fighting with the antagonist and Jia, he mystically finds his best friend Ansh Haiwaan. There are a lot of conflicts which he needs to deal with,” he said.

He doesn’t relate to his character though.

“I like to do the right things in life. My character puts on a facade in front of people. He doesn’t want to show his true identity. So, he is this casanova, who is always drunk and doesn’t take life seriously so that people don’t know his reality. I don’t really relate to it. It’s just a character to me,” he said.

It did not need any special preparation from Param.

“There was no particular preparation. We had some workshops because my character is a little weird. We also got some narrations with the creatives and they were really helpful. And then I went with my process, how I deal with every character,” he said.




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