Parambrata credits ‘human quality of intrigue’ for success of thrillers

Bengali actor-filmmaker Parambrata Chatterjee, who will be seen in Netflix’s upcoming show ‘Aranyak’, has talked about the growing popularity of suspense thrillers.

He credits the “fundamental human quality of intrigue and wanting to know the truth” for the genre’s success and high demand.

Parambrata in a chat with IANS said: “Thrillers have the easy capability of hooking people on because as human beings we always want what really happened or what happens next.”

The 41-year-old star added: “As human beings we want to control the flow of events and when things are not in our control it paralyses us psychologically at the same time when the same things are happening in the lives of other people that’s when we want to know ‘array yaar aage kya hone wala hai’ or ‘asal main hua kya tha?'”

“This is the fundamental human quality of intrigue and wanting to know the truth that lies behind the success of thrillers in most cases.”

‘Aranyak’, which is headlined by actress Raveena Tandon, spotlights the hardships and prejudices female police officers face as they try to strike a balance between their work and personal lives.

Set in the dense forest, Raveena plays a local cop, who all her life waits for a “big case” and one fine day a news of a teenage tourist’s murder shakes her up and she joins forces with her city-bred replacement Angad played by Parambrata to solve the case.

As the two struggle to find the serial killing entity, a forgotten folklore is revived.




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