Bollywood actress Parineeti Chopra has opened up about how she had to confront painful life experiences to deliver the role in her forthcoming film, The Girl On The Train. She had to tap into her innermost traumatic memories to bring the character to life.

“I have given my blood, sweat and tears, and tapped into the innermost traumatic memories of my life to bring this character to life. I don’t remember how many times I broke down on the sets because I was harnessing memories that I have purposely buried deep inside my mind and heart,” Parineeti said.

She admits she never otherwise intended to confront these painful chapters of her life.

“I never wanted to see those incidents and issues again but I had to, for this film. After reading the insanely brilliant script, I realised that to be able to pull off this character, I would have to reach deep within the crevices of my buried past and confront a lot of pain of my personal life, to show this girl’s character and journey effectively and authentically on screen,” said Parineeti.

The eponymous book was made into a Hollywood film starring Emily Blunt in the lead in 2016.

In the Hindi remake, Parineeti plays a girl named Mira, an alcoholic divorcee, who becomes involved in a missing person investigation and uncovers deeper secrets.

“This film has taken me to hell and back because it was not easy to constantly think about my past and constantly keep me on edge all the time before doing a shot that was so intensely charged, both physically and emotionally. It broke me several times,” Parineeti said.

The actress is happy with the outcome: “All the tears I wept, all the long hours of introspection I did, seems to have paid off because people have loved whatever they have seen of my performance. I can’t wait to show them the film and see their .”

The film directed by Ribhu Dasgupta premieres on February 26 on Netflix.