Pariva Pranati thanks family on International Day of Happiness


On the occasion of International Day of Happiness, on Saturday, actress Pariva Pranati says her family is the biggest source of her happiness.

“My family has the most important role to play in my happiness because they are the ones who have always stood by me and they are my foremost priority. Every morning, I prefer having some time to feel peaceful, and introspect and connect to myself to be happy,” she says.

The actress adds that good health is also a top priority for her, to stay happy.

“For me, happiness is watching my people being healthy, having a happy atmosphere around and bright smiles on their faces. I spend most of my time shooting, so whenever I am on the sets, my loving team’s happy faces bring me immense happiness. I have six pets and I am also into animal rescuing, so spending time with animals gives me joy since their love is very pure,” she says.

Interacting with others also makes her happy, she says.

“My husband is a wildlife photographer, so I ensure making a visit to the forests and spending some time with nature as it makes me very happy. At times doing little things like passing a smile to a stranger, being content in others happiness gives a lot of peace. Most importantly, it is essential to be happy in whatever you achieve and keep moving forward with a positive mind,” she says.