Parking fine dispute process streamlined in Brampton

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Starting July 1, 2016, the City of Brampton will manage the dispute process for all parking penalties issued in the city, thereby removing the need for customers to attend court trials. All penalty notices will now be managed under the City’s Administrative Monetary Penalty System (AMPS), making the resolution process easier and faster.

To dispute a penalty notice, customers no longer have to wait for a court date, which could take up to a year or more. Instead, the City can schedule up to 480 Screening Review meetings a month, therefore resolving them within 12 – 15 weeks.

“By including a single system for all parking fines, we are providing an enhanced service for customers and freeing up valuable court time for other more serious matters. Proactive and effective services reflect good governance, which is a key strategic priority for the Cit”y, said  Regional Councillor Martin Medeiros, Chair of Corporate Services Committee.

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Since June 2014, the City has been managing parking penalties of $100 or less through AMPS. All other fines, including those for accessible parking, were managed by the provincial courts. The new process now offers customers the ease of a single system administered by the City.

The AMPS dispute process includes Screening and Hearing Review meetings (rather than court trials) with Screening and Hearing Review Officers. They operate independently, and their decision to uphold, reduce or cancel the penalty is binding. The City provides administrative support but has no role in the officers’ decisions. The City helps with the scheduling of reviews and collecting the fines.

• When you receive a penalty notice, pay it within 15 days to avoid a late payment fee. Payment can be made online on the City’s website
• In AMPS, there are two chances to dispute – first with a Screening Officer and then with a Hearing Officer. In the traditional court system, there was only one trial.
• To dispute the penalty notice, schedule a Screening Review by calling 311 (Brampton residents) or 905.874.2404 (others)
• If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the Screening Review, you have one more chance to appeal by requesting a Hearing Review. The Hearing Officer’s decision is final. – CINEWS

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