Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Parliament security breach: 6 suspected to be involved in conspiracy

Sources at Delhi Police have claimed that six persons were involved in the conspiracy behind the security breach in the Parliament on Wednesday afternoon.

“Apart from four persons who have been detained, two more individuals are on the radar of Delhi Police,” a police source said, adding “they were staying in Gurugram in one Lalit Jha’s place”.

According to sources, all four persons including a woman apprehended in connection with the security breach incident, were acquainted with each other.

“They are being questioned. So far, they have denied that they know each other. Their social media accounts are being scanned to find the connection between them,” said another source.

While two of the four persons apprehended are still being held within the Parliament premises, the other two are under detention at the Parliament Street Police Station.

The two men, who managed to enter the Lok Sabha Hall from the visitors’ gallery on Wednesday, have been identified as Manoranjan D, a resident of Mysuru and Sagar Sharma, a resident of Lucknow.

The detainees are from Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, and Karnataka.

While Manoranjan is an Engineering student from Karnataka, Sharma’s visitor’s pass was issued on the recommendation of Karnataka’s Mysuru BJP MP, Pratap Simha.

The other two, a man and a woman, who were protesting with coloured flares outside Parliament and were detained by Delhi Police, have been identified as Neelam, a resident of Jind in Haryana, and Amol Shinde, a resident of Latur, Maharashtra.

“The duo did not have any mobile phones or identification when they were caught. They assert that their arrival at Parliament was an independent action and deny any affiliation with an organisation,” said a police officer privy to the probe.

Neelam was preparing for Haryana Civil Services exam and had been staying at a PG accommodation in Hisar.



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