Saturday, July 20, 2024

Parliament security breach: Maha police swoop down on Shinde’s home, quiz family

A team of Latur Police swooped down on the home of Amol Shinde – one of the four persons who created a massive and sensational security scare in Parliament House in New Delhi on Wednesday afternoon, official sources said.

Soon after it was confirmed that one of the four protestors, Shinde, 25, who was caught while protesting outside Parliament with flares in his hands, hailed from Latur, the local police from Zari village trooped into his home, questioned his parents and raided his small dwelling.

The police thoroughly searched his home, the cupboards and other furniture, looking for documents, or other evidence that could give clues pertaining to the Parliament incident.

A large crowd of curious and confused men, women and children, gathered a few metres away to watch the security operations outside Shinde’s home that was cordoned off.

The apparently shocked father and mother of the youth told the police that their son Amol had left home two weeks ago saying he was going to New Delhi. However, he did not give any more information regarding his trip, they claimed.

More details are awaited on Shinde, who has been arrested by the Delhi Police, his motives, his friends, relatives or acquaintances, any criminal history, his possible connections with any anti-national groups, organisations, or links with any politicians and political outfits, etc.



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