Sunday, June 16, 2024

Parliament security breach: Sagar Sharma is an e-rickshaw driver

Sagar Sharma, 27, one of the four people detained by the Delhi Police for breaching the security in Parliament on Wednesday afternoon, is an e-rickshaw driver and is the son of a carpenter, Shankarlal Sharma.

Sagar Sharma was one of the two men who entered the main hall of the Parliament from the visitor’s gallery in the House.

He is a resident of Alambagh in Lucknow and security agencies, after getting his address from his Aadhaar card, have reached his residence, and are interrogating his family members, including his mother Lali and minor sister.

The sister told reporters that her brother had returned to Lucknow in August this year, after spending two years in Bengaluru where he stayed with a friend and was working.

She did not know anything about the details of his job there. She said that he had studied up to class 12 and was now driving an e-rickshaw in Lucknow to earn money.

“He had told my mother two days ago that he was going to Delhi to participate in a demonstration. I do not know anything else,” she said.



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