Parliamentary Speakers of Turkiye, Azerbaijan, Pakistan hail new ‘Asian century’

The new century is the “Asian century” filled with opportunities, said Parliamentary Speakers of Turkiye, Azerbaijan and Pakistan in a meeting held in Turkish capital, Istanbul.

“World’s geo-politics and economic centres are shifting towards Asia, and it’s happening fast,” said Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkiye, Mustafa Sentop at the second trilateral meeting of the Speakers of the Parliaments of Turkiye, Azerbaijan and Pakistan.

“Without a doubt, the emergence of the New Silk road will add a great haste to the development and rejuvenation of the region,” Sentop added.

“And in that project, our new initiative “Middle (Transport) Corridor” will be taking an important part through our new transport routes and energy transfer infrastructure investments,” he said.

The trilateral meeting highlighted the importance of strengthening comprehensive cooperation between Turkey, Azerbaijan and Pakistan, especially in areas that would contribute to regional connectivity, transportation, trade, energy, relations between people, education, social and cultural exchange, and tourism, Xinhua news agency reported.

With most of its lands in Asia and parts in Europe, Turkiye has been investing heavily in the Middle Corridor initiative that would act as a bridge between China and Europe through railroads, with more efficient transfer than the northern land routes or the southern naval route of Suez Canal.




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