Partha Chatterjee’s judicial custody extended by another 14 days

A Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) court on Thursday extended the judicial custody of former West Bengal Education Minister and ex-Trinamool Congress secretary general, Partha Chatterjee and six others for another 14 days in connection with the teachers’ recruitment scam.

All the seven individuals will be presented at the same court again on January 5 next year.

On Thursday, Chatterjee’s counsel Selim Rahman made a fiery argument at the court, even going to the extent of questioning CBI’s competence as regards to producing concrete evidence in the matter.

He also referred to the case relating to the prime accused in 26/11 Mumbai massacre prime accused, Ajmal Kasab while presenting his argument in the matter.

“Although, finally he was hanged, he also went through a proper investigation and judicial process. But in this case the investigating agency is not furnishing concrete evidence and documents. I have never come across such an unprecedented style of investigation. Let there be speed in the investigation process,” Rahman argued.

In his counter argument, the CBI counsel said that although charges of incompetence have been raised by the petitioner’s counsel, it is a fact that CBI’s investigation is not affected by the rank or position of the accused.

“Questions are being raised on CBI’s competence. But probably all remember the fate of Om Prakash Chautala and Lalu Yadav in cases investigated by CBI. The agency always keeps the court updated on the progress of its investigation. It is quite natural that new angles will be revealed daily during the course of investigation. There are serious allegations against the accused, all of whom are highly influential persons. So, for the sake of smooth progress of investigation, they need to be in custody,” the CBI counsel said in his counter-argument.

Finally, after hearing both the sides, the court extended the judicial custody of Partha Chatterjee and six other accused by another 14 days.




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