Parthiban appeals to public to contribute generously to armed forces on Flag Day


Stating that ‘mother’ and ‘motherland’ were not different from one another, actor Parthiban has made an emotional appeal to the public, asking them to donate generously to the Armed Forces on Flag Day on Tuesday.

In a video clip which the actor shared on his timeline on social media, the actor-director says, “December 7 is Flag Day. Even when someone, who is relatively unknown to you, does you some good, we usually ask them, ‘How are you bro?’ and we look to return the favour in some small way or the other.”

Pointing out that “our brothers who protect our motherland which is like our mother, must be healthy and prosperous,” the actor urged people to donate generously on the Flag Day, which he said one could also call as Philanthropy Day.

“How we live as beautiful humans deep inside our hearts is determined by the manner in which we share our wealth. A day that brings out the godliness in us is this Flag Day. Therefore, to help protect the interests of our brothers, let us all willingly donate and participate in this Flag Day,” he said.



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