Madrid, Oct 3 (IANS) A partial lockdown has been imposed in Madrid as Spain was trying to control a second Covid-19 wave in the one of the worst-affected countries in Europe, the media reported on Saturday.

According to authorities, more than three million people will be affected by the new measure under which the capital city’s residents will be allowed to travel outside their home districts for essential journeys only starting from the weekend, the BBC reported.

Also under the new lockdown, bars and restaurants will not be allowed serve after 10 p.m., and a maximum of six people will be permitted to meet in any setting.

The measures, which will also take effect in nine towns around Madrid, were demanded by the federal government.

But the restrictions have been opposed the capital city’s authorities, saying it would cost the Madrid’s economy 8 billion euros.

In a tweet on Saturday, Madrid’s regional president Isabel Daaz Ayuso tweeted: “Thanks for the chaos, (Prime Minister) Pedro Sanchez.”

Amid concerns of a second coronavirus wave, some 10,000 new cases are now being identified in Spain each day.

On Friday, there were 11,325 new infections and 113 deaths, taking the overall tally and toll to 789,932 and 32,086, respectively.




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