Parull Chaudhry recalls how she celebrated Children’s Day in school


Being a child is the most beautiful and carefree stage of life. We often relish childhood memories. Children’s Day on November 14 is celebrated as a tribute to India’s first Prime Minister, the late Jawaharlal Nehru, is quite special for many of us.

Because it makes us nostalgic to recall the celebration during schooldays and a number of other activities.

Similarly, going down memory lane and recollecting the most cherished memories, actress Parull Chaudhry from ‘Bhagya Lakshmi’ opened up about her thoughts on Children’s Day. She recalled the celebration in her school with classmates and teachers and how special it was to get chocolate during that time.

Parull Chaudhary who plays the role of ‘Karishma’ in ‘Bhagya Lakshmi’ said: “I have some very fond memories of Children’s Day. In fact, I remember when I was in school, we used to celebrate the day in a grand manner where we had skits enacted by both teachers and students where our teachers would actually dress up as students and students would dress up as teachers.”

She added: “We used to have a really fun time back then. The fact that we would get chocolate in school, and it was a no study and all play day made it even better. Remembering all these memories really makes me feel nostalgic and I believe all the kids should experience the magic of this day at least once. I wish I could bring smiles to the children’s faces on the street this year and I plan to bring some chocolates and burgers for them on Children’s Day.”