Parvo virus strikes in UP district, 8 dogs dead

After bird flu hit the avians, now the canines in Kanpur are reportedly affected by a deadly virus called Parvo.

Eight dogs have reportedly died in Kanpur due to the deadly Parvo virus.

The post mortem of two of the eight dead dogs, has revealed that their intestines had decayed and the dogs had vomited blood before their death.

Parvo is a highly contagious virus. It causes an infectious gastrointestinal (GI) illness in puppies and young dogs, and without treatment, it is potentially deadly. What makes the virus so dangerous is the ease with which it is spread through the canine population.

The infected dogs belong to the Kyontara village in Bhitargaon block. In the same village, scores of crows had been found dead a few weeks ago.

A team of veterinary experts that is visiting the village to know about the behavioural changes in the infected dogs, said that the virus mainly affects the intestines.

Veterinarian Sarvendra Sachan said that Parvo virus does not affect bigger animals but proves fatal for canines.

Another veterinarian in the team, O.P. Varma said that dogs should be given the required vaccine within three months of birth to protect them from the virus.