Passengers of cancelled Srinagar flights not to pay extra: AAI


After former J&K Chief Minister Omar Abdullah accused airlines of ‘daylight robbery’ due to hiked fare rates following cancellation of all fights to and from Srinagar due to poor visibility on Wednesday, the Airports Authority of India said passengers of cancelled flights would not pay extra for rescheduling.

“This is how passengers to Srinagar are getting shafted by airlines – all flights got cancelled today & people who had paid Rs 3000/4000 for their seats are told to rebook. Suddenly the same flights are being quoted at Rs 12,000/Rs 14,000. Day light robbery & no government intervenes,” he said in a tweet.

In response, the AAI tweeted: “The options for refund and rescheduling at no extra cost for all the flights cancelled today has been offered by all airlines. The affected passengers may please contact the respective airlines call centre for refund or rescheduling.”

After visibility dropped to less than 400 metres on the runway, all flights to Srinagar International airport were cancelled on Wednesday.



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