Patient’s family goes on rampage, assaults staff at Delhi hospital

Following the death of a patient, his family members went on a rampage at the Hindu Rao Hospital here on Friday evening, brutally assaulting a junior resident doctor besides damaging hospital property.

The family members also threw chairs and other articles they could lay their hands on at the duty room where the nursing and paramedical staff were present. A video of the incident shows the terrorised staff screaming for help while a mob, allegedly the attendants of the deceased patient, could be seen shattering glasses in the duty room.

As per the hospital, the 34-year-old patient from Mallikaganj was admitted to the hospital with complaint of seizures. The investigation carried out by the doctors revealed that the patient had suffered a cardiac arrest which triggered the seizures. The doctors told IANS that his condition deteriorated to such a level that his life could not be saved.

“He (the patient) suffered cardiac asystole induced by a complex partial seizure. The family members refused to believe that their patient could suffer a heart attack at this age. They blamed the hospital for lax approach and turned violent,” Ahemadullah Shaikh, a doctor at the hospital, said.

Eyewitnesses said that a junior resident doctor was chased and brutally beaten up by seven-eight people. “He has fractured his arm besides suffering blows on his head,” an official from the hospital administration said.

The official also said that the police were called to the spot and the hospital intends to file an institutional FIR against the deceased person’s family.

As per a 2019 order by the Delhi government, in cases of assaults against doctors, an institutional FIR can be filed by the head of the institution.

The health department of the Delhi government had directed all the government hospitals to file institutional FIRs in casses of abuse or violence by any patient or attendant.