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Patna Oppn meet: Nitish to open proceedings, Rahul to deliver closing remarks

Bihar’s Mahagathbandhan government has finalised the schedule for the all-important opposition meet in Patna scheduled on June 23, sources said.

The sources said that Congress leader Rahul Gandhi will be given special attention during the event.

The meet

A key meeting of opposition leaders is scheduled to take place in Patna on June 23 to discuss the strategy on how to defeat the ruling BJP in next year’s general elections. Around 15 political parties from all over the country will be part of this crucial meet.


IANS has learnt that the venue of the meeting will be ‘Nek Samvad Kaksha’ inside Bihar Chief Minister’s official residence on 1 Anne Marg in Patna. The meeting will take place from 11 a.m. till 4 p.m.

Opposition stalwarts

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar; West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Benerjee; Delhi Chief Minister Arvid Kejriwal; Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge; Congress leader Rahul Gandhi; Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) chief Sharad Pawar; Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Trackerey; Samajwadi Party (SP) chief Akhilesh Yadav; National Conference (NC) patron Farooq Abdullah; Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) President Mahbooba Mufti and leaders of the Left are expected to be present in the meeting.


Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, who has played a crucial role in bringing all the opposition leaders on a common platform, will start the proceedings by delivering the keynote address.

IANS has learnt that he will talk about why opposition unity is needed and will also address the problems the country is facing due to the current government of Narendra Modi, sources said.

He will also point out that if BJP retains power, it is most likely to change the Constitution. He will also point out the mantra of how opposition parties will defeat the BJP.

Nitish Kumar’s opening address will be followed by Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge’s speech. Kharge may point out the common candidates in states where Congress has no direct fight with the BJP.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal will address the issues of Delhi and Punjab. AAP has said that his party will not contest in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan and wants a free hand in Delhi and Punjab. It is learnt that Kejriwal will raise issues like transfer-posting and urge for support, especially from Congress.

Opposition’s Chanakya

IANS has learnt that the suggestions of NCP Chief Sharad Pawar are extremely crucial for the opposition leaders. Considered to be a meticulous planner, Pawar has often been compared to Chanakya in Indian politics.

Shive Sena Chief Uddhav Trackerey, SP Chief Akhilesh Yadav, NC Patron Farooq Abdullah and PDP President Mehbooba Mufti, along with Left leaders, will also address the meeting and share their views on how to defeat the BJP.

The Kingmaker

IANS has learnt that Rajul Gandhi will address the opposition leaders at the end of the session and share his views about defeating the BJP. As per the protocol, the top most leader addresses any event at the end.

Sources told IANS that some of the opposition leaders, including Mamata Benerjee, will reach Patna on the evening of June 22. The Bihar government has made arrangements for their stay at the government rest house and the Patna circuit house.



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