“Ant-Man” star Paul Rudd says he has always enjoyed humour to tell a very dramatic story.

The audience loved Paul as the witty and humorous Scott Lang aka Ant-Man.

On balancing this badass character with a comedic part, he said: “Well, I think they don’t have to work separately. I think that they can enhance each other. My default is comedy but it’s in life that any kind of trauma, any kind of thing you know that I’m doing I tend to veer toward the humorous side of it but I have always enjoyed humour to tell a very dramatic story.”

“I think we do, that’s how we kind of…a lot of that stuff palpable right and I never lost sight of the story that was being told which is a dramatic story so I never want to step outside of that but the character is kind of aware of what’s happening and it’s okay to have fun with it at times,” he added.

Now that he is Ant-Man, does he avoid stepping on ants?

“Yeah I mean like a weird thing happened where I legitimately won’t mess with ants. I do feel this kinship with ants and the other day I was getting like some coffee and a couple of them were coming out of the sink on the way to the machine. I didn’t pick them up but I figured they found their way in, they can find a way out. We are brothers in arms,” said the actor.

“Ant-Man” will air on July 11 on Star Movies.


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