‘Pawan Kalyan must choose between BJP and steel plant’

Popular Telugu film actor and Jana Sena party chief Pawan Kalyan should either choose the BJP alliance or save the Vizag steel plant from being privatised, according to a political analyst in the Telugu states.

According to Nageshwar, if the BJP privatises the Vizag steel plant, Kalyan should clarify whether his friendship is with the NDA or the people of Andhra Pradesh.

“At least now Kalyan should say that he will not stay in the NDA and will sever all ties with the BJP if it privatises the Vizag steel plant,” said Nageshwar while analysing Kalyan’s attempts to ‘save’ the steel plant, following the latter’s visit to New Delhi to meet the Central leadership over this issue.

Nageshwar also questioned Kalyan’s alliance with the BJP, which, according to him, did not give special status to Andhra Pradesh, didn’t implement the bifurcation promises, deprived the Kadapa steel plant and the Ramayampeta port, didn’t give any clarity on Amaravati, among other issues.

“When they are not giving anything, what is the need to be in a partnership with the BJP? The question Kalyan should ask is, ‘What is Andhra Pradesh getting’,” he said.

Nageshwar said that the BJP may give special status to Jana Sena, but it has to choose between the benefits of Andhra Pradesh and that of the party.

“This is a great opportunity for Pawan Kalyan, who has great public appeal,” he said.

Nageshwar said that if a statement doesn’t come from the Central government in a week’s time that it has given up the idea of privatising the Vizag steel plant, Kalyan should announce that he will sever ties with the BJP and bid farewell to the NDA and participate in the steel plant campaign.