Actress Payal Rohatgi, who remains in limelight for her controversies, grabbed the eyeballs again when her Twitter account got suspended on Wednesday. She shared a screenshot of her account saying that her account has been suspended for unknown reasons, following it up with a video demanding Twitter ban in India.

Sharing the screenshot Payal wrote alongside, “Just Now I am not able to tweet on my verified twitter handle It is SUSPENDED citing what reasons now #payalrohatgi.” She next went to her Instagram and shared a video for her fans informing everyone about the same and asking her followers to help her restore her handle back. She further asked her fans to question ‘Twitter India’ as to why the account was suspended without giving any prior email. Soon her name started trending on the micro-blogging website along with a hashtag #BringBackPayal.

Payal in the video said, “No reason has been given, no email has been sent and my Twitter account has been suspended (taken down). I do not know what the reason behind the suspension is. It is for all of you (her followers) to figure out with Twitter India as to why they have deleted my account. Neither do I abuse people nor do I use any wrong word. I have obviously made attempts to share facts. However, this effort of mine has been projected in a bad light by liberals and people who are extremists, who control Twitter. Thus, I appeal to everyone to please urge Twitter to restore my handle, or else, I will be unable to connect with everyone.”


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