Peel police chief wants more officers for Mississauga and Brampton

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With the dramatic rise in the number of shootings, homicides and crime in general, it comes as no surprise that outgoing Peel Regional Police Chief Jennifer Evans is asking the Region of Peel for 55 more officers as part of the force’s 2019 budget.

Consider the stats: 100 shootings in the two cities in 2018 and 26 homicides.

For those wondering why there is a need for more officers, the police chief said that there is enough evidence to show that the workload pressure has jumped and the demands for police assistance has increased. In order to continue to do an excellent job, there needs to be more officers on the job.

Last year for instance, there was a 17 per cent increase in calls for service requiring immediate dispatch.

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Few politicians could continue to dispute the facts or deny the need for more police officers to make Peel residents feel safe. -CINEWS

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