Peel police issues public alert after overnight increase in vehicle thefts

Peel police are urging the public to use increased vigilance to prevent their vehicles from being stolen. 

The public alert was issued Monday after seeing an increase in vehicle thefts overnight. Suspects have been targeting Range Rovers from residential driveways, according to the Peel police news release. 

Police also offered several safety tips to help reduce these instances of crime.

Consider installing security cameras. Ensure you always lock car doors and roll up your windows, police advised. Ensure there is adequate lighting in the area of driveways and entranceways

Park vehicles in a locked garage, police said. Consider a steering wheel lock, an automatic engine shut-off, and a tracking device.

Cover or block your vehicle identification number when parked.

Also store vehicle keys/fobs away from the windows and doors of your home

If you have a second vehicle, park it directly behind the targeted one

Install aftermarket products like GPS trackers, remote vehicle shut-off devices, and on-board data port locks to prevent thieves from cloning keys.

Investigators also encouraged homeowners to become familiar with their neighbours, be mindful of suspicious activity, and report that to the police.



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