Peel Region expanding capacity to provide 200,000 vaccine doses a month by December

As vaccine eligibility continues to expand, Peel is growing its vaccine system to deliver at least 200,000 doses to residents every month by this December.

Priority work continues to focus on reaching the provincially defined target of 90% two-dose coverage by supporting those who need first and second doses.

Peel’s expansion plan also includes offering vaccines for children aged 5-11 as early as the beginning of November, pending approval and supply from provincial and federal partners. Booster and third doses continue to be offered by referral, in line with provincial direction.

Peel Region’s Medical Officer of Health Dr. Lawrence Loh said that through the fall and into winter, residents will have hundreds of locations to get the vaccination they need.

“Peel’s vaccination approach, which delivers vaccines across multiple channels and includes clinics co-designed with community partners, makes vaccine available in hundreds of locations across the community,” said Dr. Loh. “Expanding our clinic network to deliver at least 200,000 doses every month, and more if needed, will help ensure increased protection for residents and the community and that Peel is prepared for any expanded eligibility on pediatric and booster doses. Vaccination remains our surest and fastest way to protect our community and exit the acute phase of the pandemic.”

Vaccinations will be delivered through:

· Large public health clinics in Brampton, Caledon, and Mississauga
· Mobile clinics and “vax vans” in accessible and convenient locations, such as malls and parks (weather permitting)
· Community clinics in trusted locations, such as schools and places of worship, co-designed with community partners
· Primary care and pharmacy clinics
· In-home vaccinations for those living in long term care, retirement homes or cannot get out of their homes

Residents can get their first or second dose at any of the Peel clinics. New locations are added regularly as community needs are identified, said spokesperson Jeff LeMoine.

Peel’s plan builds on the success of its existing community-based approach. Between September 20 and October 4, this approach helped deliver 20,000 first doses among those 12+ across Peel.



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