Penguin to publish Kunal Basu’s new book ‘In An Ideal World’


Penguin Random House India is to publish renowned novelist Kunal Basus new work of fiction titled “In An Ideal World”.

The author of several acclaimed novels, Basu’s short story, “The Japanese Wife”, has been made into a similarly-titled award winning film directed by Aparna Sen that stars Rahul Bose, Raima Sen and Moushmi Chatterjee, and Japanese actress Chigusa Takaku in the title role,.

“In An Ideal World” is a powerful, gritty and fast-paced literary novel that explores a variety of themes relevant to the current times-college politics, family, crime investigation and fanaticism.

The story revolves around the disappearance of a member of the Liberal party of a college who is missing for months. The prime suspect of this abduction is the leader of the Nationalist group of the same college. Thus begins the mission of the parents of the suspect, who find themselves caught between rumours, religions and riots, while they attempt to uncover this mysterious disappearance and absolve the son they raised and believe in. This investigation leads to surprising results.

Commenting on the book, Basu said: “I am deeply pleased that Penguin Random House will be the custodian of my new novel about a fractured land with a fractured heart.”

Executive Editor at Penguin Random House India, Premanka Goswami, said: “Kunal Basu is a brilliant chronicler of our times. His fiction often opens a window to the many issues that influence us every day. ‘Sarojini’s Mother’, which we brought out in early 2020, was greatly appreciated by a wide spectrum of readers. We’re thrilled to acquire Kunal’s new book.”

Aparna Kumar, Editor at Penguin Random House India, said: “Kunal Basu’s new book is thought-provoking and brilliant, but most importantly, it is very pertinent in today’s world as it reiterates the message that there is only loss and destruction in the face of hatred and fanaticism-something we must remind ourselves every day.”