New Delhi, April 14 (IANSlife) Not enough savings, the fear of the contracting COVID-19 is mounted by an even bigger fear of being unable to bare the cost of its treatment, reveals survey.

A survey has found that 52 percent people don’t have enough money saved to cover COVID-19 medical costs. But, it’s not just medical bills people are worrying about. 23 percent of respondents said they won’t be able to pay bills like utilities, rents or loan payments this month – a bleak response that aligns with the 24 percent that reportedly lost their job due to the coronavirus pandemic, in the United States. Things in India are not much different.

When asked about health insurance coverage, 9 per cent of respondents reported losing their health insurance during this pandemic. While more are bracing for the potential impact of unemployment, 56 percent said they don’t know what their health insurance options are should they lose their coverage. In India too the hot topic is doe your medical insurance cover COVID-19?




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