Thiruvananthapuram, May 19 (IANS) Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has termed as baseless the frequent statements of the Congress that he is now guided by a PR agency.

“The people know me. You (media) and me have been in public space for long. I am sure you and others will agree that I am not such a person who needs any such props. But if you need, you can also find out,” said a peeved Vijayan when asked about it.

“I am fine as of now and the way I am. I am sitting free here and all can see me. I don’t have an earpiece in my ears, which TV anchors use to get props when they conduct the show, so that question does not arise,” added Vijayan.

For long, the opposition here has been saying that Vijayan is now under the control of a PR agency and its they who direct him on how and what he should speak and also how he should conduct himself in public.




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