People like Digvijaya Singh spreading lies: Kapil Mishra on Khargone violence


Hitting back at former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Digvijaya Singh, BJP leader Kapil Mishra on Monday said that people like him have started spreading lies to save those who are responsible for violence in Khargone.

Quoting senior Singh’s tweet, Mishra said, “One who called Kasab a Hindu again started spreading lies. There was no riot where I was. And yes, if the investigation is done then only name of a jihadi and a Congressman hiding behind him will come out in every riot. Jihadis pelted stones and set fire. People like Digvijaya have started spreading lies to save them.”

Mishra told IANS that he was 40 kilometers away from the place where clashes took place. “I was in a village in another part of Khargone which is 40 kilometres from the place where violence erupted. The event I attended was peaceful and it can be checked from my timeline on social media,” Mishra said.

Sharing a news report stating that BJP leader Mishra was present during the violence in the Ram Navami procession in Madhya Pradesh’s Khargone, Digvijaya Singh tweeted, “Wherever Kapil Mishra steps in, there were riots. Will it be investigated?.”

In Khargone, stones were hurled at a Ram Navami procession, triggering incidents of arson wherein some vehicles were set on fire, prompting authorities to clamp curfew in three areas and section 144 of CrPC in the entire city. Police fired tear gas shells to control the situation.

Some police personnel and people were injured during the stone-pelting as per the preliminary information. The procession was attacked by the people from a particular community, who objected to playing loud DJ music during the procession. This resulted into confrontation between the two communities (Hindu-Muslim), following which stone pelting was reported



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